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Version 7.5.6 Product Update


Thank you for your feedback regarding Sage Bid Management and Sage Construction Project Center. In our relentless effort to bring you the most effective construction project management solution possible, Sage CPC is pleased to announce the release of Version 7.5.6.

System Requirements

For current information about supported operating systems, internet browsers, Microsoft® SQL Server®, and other software, as well as information about system requirements for servers and client workstations, refer to our Knowledgebase, available at:

New Features in this Product Update

Updates to Sage Construction Project Center, version 7.5.6, include:

Project-specific Reports

Project-specific reports, or PSRs, will now be available to all users.  This feature allows the team to have their reports and printouts customized at the project level.  For instructions on how to implement project-specific reports contact Support at Sage CPC.

Workflow Approval

The ball-in-court workflow approval process lets you automatically route commitments, change events, and submittals to approvers in your organization. Routing these items for approval generates emails to the creator and each subsequent reviewer. To set this up, edit the “Workflow Approval” item in List Management, and then create your workflow lists under commitments, change events, and submittals. 

Mobile for Android

Mobile for Android is now available under controlled release. Android users can enter daily logs, and view or markup the latest documents and drawings. If you would like access to the Android App contact Support at Sage CPC.

Change Management

The change management feature lets you generate potential change orders, change order requests, and change orders for contracts and commitments. As part of this new capability Quickadds can be added at the contract and the commitment event line items for Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate Quickbill and contract types.  For additional training, please contact Support at Sage CPC.


Forecasting lets you accurately forecast final project cost against the most current project accounting figures. You can also track your risk for remaining work, as a percentage likelihood that you’ll incur additional costs For additional training, please contact Support at Sage CPC.

Fixes Included in this Version

Version 7.5.6 includes the following fixes:

Cost Management

·       Advanced List Management Synchronization & Stand Alone

·       Import estimate when project is synched

·       Commitment email-verification of emails being sent to Project Accountant from Setup



Meeting Minutes

·       Addition of Required Fields

·       Visibility of Agenda items



·       Submittal Return Settings enhanced  Project Defaults



·       Larger windows for My Bid Packages

·       Safari & Bid Package


Additional Information

Chrome Reports of Network Error upon Print

·       A Recent Chrome Update now displays a network error when printing PDFs from Sage Construction Project Center; The resolution is to uncheck “open using default pdf viewer” in advanced settings as described below:

On advanced settings > content settings page, the last item is, “Open PDF files in the default PDF viewer application”.  Uncheck this item, and the Chrome PDF viewer will be enabled again.


Further Assistance

Sage provides you with the following resources for obtaining assistance with Sage Construction Project Center:

Online Help

The Sage Construction Project Center software includes Online Help, which provides answers to your questions about procedures and items in the windows.

To access the Online Help in the Sage Construction Project Center software, click the Help & Manual button on the solution’s top toolbar.

Job Aids

About 30 job aids and references are available to help you learn and navigate Sage Construction Project Center and Sage Bid Management. Log on to Sage’s Technical Support Knowledgebase and search for “SCPC job aids” to find them.




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February 24, 2017