June 5th, 2017                                                                                                              Version 8.0 Product Update

Release Notes
Welcome to the new User Interface of Sage Construction Project Center. We are excited to bring the latest toolset to your project. Please notice on the “Login Page” that we will maintain the “Classic Site” via a link below the login button. As your users and team learn the new controls and layout, the original Project Center site will be available to you.

Site Navigation
Navigating Projects can now be done from the top toolbar or the navigation on the left side of the screen. SageCPC can now be used without any navigation by clicking the “Pin” at the top right of the left side navigation screen. To expand the navigation section, just hover over the Toolbar label or the left side of the site; to make that navigation frame permanent, click the Pin a second time and the screen will resize and stay visible.

User Preferences & Logout
The new controls are located in the upper right hand corner of Project Center

Favorite Projects
New controls enable you to mark projects as a “Favorite”. To utilize the new controls, browse through “My Organization” to display projects you are a member of. Upon locating your project, click the star to the left of the project name & number. This will move the project up to the “My Favorite Projects” portion of the left navigation area. To remove a project from favorites, just click the star again from the project list or in the favorites list.

Project Navigation
When landing on the project pages, you will notice a more compact and easily viewable selection of tools. The full breadcrumb trail at the top of the screen should alleviate needing to utilize the navigation section on the left side of the screen. Breadcrumbs are the worded links at the top left of the entry screens. As an example     Home \ …\ …\Submittals\Division 03 All of the words listed are actual links to bounce you back to previous screens or sections making the navigation an easier experience.

New Forms and Layout
With this first release of the enhanced User Interface (UI) we focused on the most utilized modules of document control. RFIs, Daily Logs, Submittals and Transmittal entry screens have been completely re-tooled to make data entry more clear and the site will recognize what type of a device you are on from tablet to computer, at which point it will change the layout to best suit your device.

Updated Training Videos
All of the new forms and layout videos have been updated to assist in bringing your existing or new teammates up to speed. The manual is also in process of being re-documented through the Project Center.

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