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Privacy notice

SECTION I: Section for Sage Construction Project Center a Sage and StratusVue Product

  1. Who We Are.
1.1 References to “We”, “Us”, or “Our” in this privacy notice, mean the following data controllers, who determine how (and for what purposes) your personal data is used:

BIMfx Inc. dba:  StratusVue       
38West Grand Suite 100 Fox Lake, IL 60020 if:

(a) you use a StratusVue or StratusDrive, mobile applications or other digital platforms (together, “Digital Platforms”)
(b) you call one of Our support or call centers;

  1. Highlights

2.1 Your privacy is very important to Us and We want to be open with you about how We use your personal data – that is the information that identifies you as an individual – to make sure that you have the best possible experience. In this privacy notice We explain:

(a) what information We collect about you;
(b) what We may do with it; and
(c) what your rights are.

2.2. We want you to understand how We use your personal data, how We keep it safe and what your rights are. Summarized below are the main circumstances in which We use Your personal data:

(a) We collect your personal data when you use Our websites, mobile application(s), other digital platforms (together, “Digital Platforms”), or call Our call centers. For example, We collect:

  • your contact details, but not limited to; Name, Address, Email, Phone and Place of Employment, along with your role of usage within the digital platforms;
  • details about your site usage with us;

(b) We use your personal data to understand what you might be interested in and to make Our emails, texts, and system upgrades and software offers more relevant to you
(c) We need to use your personal data to give you the best possible experience
(d) To provide Our services to you, We may need to share your personal data with:
(i) Our joint ventures, development partner and partner brands and Our affiliates and subsidiaries and; Our Suppliers.

When we say "Suppliers" in this privacy notice, We mean the parties who provide us with products and services that enable us to run Our business. This includes third parties who help Us to deliver your user experience, such as preferences on your role of usage within the system, and who assist us to run Our business, such as accountants, consultants, , auditors, IT service and platform providers, insurance providers, and legal advisers (together, Our “Suppliers”).

We choose Our Suppliers carefully and put in place safeguards to help protect your personal data; and

Our Business Partners

When we refer to "Business Partners" we mean companies with whom we have partnered to complement the products and services we provide to you, such as ERP providers.



  • Who's responsible for your personal data?
  • What personal data do We collect or receive?
  • How We use your personal data and who We share it with
  • Direct marketing
  • Profiling and personalized marketing
  • Cookies and other tracking technologies
  • International transfers of personal data
  • Legal basis for Our use of your personal and legitimate interests
  • Data retention
  • Your rights
  • Contact Us and complaints
  1. Who’s responsible for your personal data?

4.1 As a data controller, We are responsible for the personal data you provide to Us and will only share such personal data with Our Suppliers and Business Partners if We have a legitimate reason permitted by law, such as your consent.

  1. What personal data do We collect or receive?

5.1 The following are examples of the categories of your personal data that We process alongside information on how and/or when We get that personal data:

  1. How We use your personal data and who We share it with

6.1 This section explains how We use the personal data listed above and who We share it with.

6.2 We use your personal data:

(b) To help you contact Our customer support services
When you get in touch with Our customer support services (whether through the Digital Platforms or otherwise), We will process your personal information so that you receive the best customer service possible.

(d) To make Our Digital Platforms easy to use and enhance your experience
The personal data We collect when you use Our Digital Platforms helps Us to make sure that Our Digital Platforms work well (for example, so that We know it is you when you sign into your account). We’re often improving Our Digital Platforms and content therein to enhance your use of Our Digital Platform experience, and data about how you use Our site helps Us to do that. We also use this data to help Us understand interest in the different sections of Our Digital Platforms and the products and services that We sell. We also use your data to make the process more convenient. For example, We can remember what you have searched for so you can pick up where you left off. We also use your information to fix operational problems with the Digital Platforms such as software bugs and to maintain the safety and security of the Digital Platforms.

(e) To manage your relationship with Us as a collaborator or a consumer and to deliver personalized service
When you use Our Digital Platforms, We create a consumer profile of you in Our systems. This is your digital profile that brings the personal data that We maintain and identifies you across the StratusVue and StratusDrive systems. Your consumer profile lets Us deliver a personalized experience when you contact Us by phone or email. We also use your consumer profile to personalize the marketing communications that We send you. We also sometimes use your details to ask for feedback on Our services.

(f) To process payments and invoicing
When you purchase the Digital Platforms (whether in relation to a certain product or services such as Invitation to Bid or PlansandSpecs), We will process your payment details to process the transaction.

(g) For marketing and promotional purposes
We use your contact details for Our marketing and promotions, including to send you information about the products and services that We offer. We also use your personal data to personalize Our marketing communications to make them more relevant for you and to measure engagement with Our marketing campaigns.

(h) For compliance with Our legal obligations
We are sometimes subject to certain legal requirements to collect, retain, and disclose your personal data, for example for Civil, State or Federal Agencies, We need to cooperate with law enforcement agencies, including in relation to criminal investigations. Pursuant to the United States’ Stored Communications Act (the SCA), We may be considered a provider of electronic communication services for certain services We offer through the Digital Platforms (because We provide users of the Digital Platforms the ability to send or receive wire or electronic communications). In such instances, We will not turn over records or other information pertaining to you unless compelled to do so by a Court of competent jurisdiction pursuant to the provisions of the SCA.

(i) For Our business operations
We may use your personal data for business management activities, including to assist with incident management and to enable Us to conduct reporting. Reports help Us to monitor Our performance and the performance of Our Suppliers. Additionally, We keep records to assist with any complaints you may have or in the event of a legal claim. We also process your feedback to improve Our products and services.

6.3 We may share your personal data with the following recipients for the purposes listed above:

(c) Our Suppliers
(d) Our Business Partners
(f) Other third parties

We may share your personal data with other third parties at your request. Our Digital Platforms may provide links to websites or other digital tools that We believe may be useful to you in addition to advertisements placed by third parties. These may lead you to websites or digital tools operated by third parties operating under their own privacy policies. We encourage you to review those privacy policies, as We have no control over those third parties nor the information you may submit to those third parties.

  1. Calling Our call centers

7.1 In certain circumstances, We may re-route calls from Our call centers which are based inside the United States to call centers based outside of the United States or EEA. In these circumstances, We will let you know at the beginning of your call that your call is being rerouted.

  1. Direct marketing

8.1 Marketing communications from Us - We may contact you for marketing purposes, including to tell you more about Our services, share news or tell you about promotions from time to time. You are in control of the emails and texts that you receive, and you can update your preferences or opt out at any time via your Account, following the links in Our emails or by contacting Us using the details provided below. Even if you have opted out of marketing messages, We will still need to contact you in relation to your collaboration with Our Digital Platforms.

8.2 Marketing communications from other members of the StratusVue Group– Some of the services and activities provided are managed by other members of the StratusVue Group. These members may contact you about those services and activities – including information and promotions – if you have opted-in to receive marketing communications from the StratusVue Group or where permitted by applicable law. You can opt out at any time using the same options above.

  1. Profiling and personalized marketing

9.1 Profiling overview: We think it is important for Us to understand the types of solutions that Our consumers are interested in so that We can make Our marketing relevant and targeted. To do this, We use your data to build a profile for you that lets Us work out which of Our marketing segments is the best fit for you.

9.2 The data We use: From the data that We hold about you, Our model can consider your age, gender, household or travel composition, postcode, how you have interacted with Our websites and marketing emails and your history. We do not always use all these data categories if We do not have the information about you or it is not relevant for Our marketing activities.

9.3 How We build your profile and what We learn from it:

(a) Statistical analysis - We use the data above as inputs for a proprietary statistical model, the output of which can tell Us about your previous or likely future behavior, for example:

(i) the value or likely value of the digital systems you use with Us;
(ii) the extent to which you engage with Our marketing emails.

(b) Marketing segments – We try to match every consumer with one or more pre-defined segments that allow Us to broadly tailor Our marketing messages for the right audience. We define Our segments using broad demographic data. You will share a segment with other consumers, so this process is generally not highly individualized.

9.4 Here’s an example: Let’s say you have just signed up on Our websites (giving Us your contact details) and you have never used our digital platform before before. Over the next few days you search for Plans and Specs that are generally popular with your role and software usage (giving Us website interaction data). We might use that data to add you to one of Our segments so that you get relevant emails from Us.

9.5 What this means for you: Tailoring Our marketing campaigns to your profile or segment means you should receive more relevant communications from Us. That’s good for Us because We think you are more likely to use a digital platform that matches your requirements. We hope that’s good for you, too, because it helps you to find the tools that you are interested in. We might also send you special offers.

9.6 Targeted advertising on third party social media platforms and websites: We may share your personal data – including your name, email address, address and date of birth – with third party social media platforms, including LinkedIn, and websites for the purposes of allowing those platforms to display targeted advertisements to you. You can ask Us not to share your personal data with platforms, but you will need to contact the platform with any requests in relation to how the platform uses your personal data because We do not control that.

9.7 You can opt out: You are in control of your personal data. You can update your marketing preferences or opt out of personalized marketing at any time using your Account or, where you do not have a Account, by either clicking a link in an email marketing communication, replying STOP to an SMS text message or by calling the sender of any marketing communication.

  1. Cookies and other tracking technologies

10.1 We use cookie data and other technologies to collect information on Our web pages for a variety of purposes, such as to improve the design and content of Our website and to enable Us to provide a more personalized experience when you browse the Internet. We also use cookies for advertising and targeted tracking purposes, which aims to improve the relevance of the advertisements you see. For example, after you visit Our website you may be shown advertisements relating to Our services and products on third parties’ websites.

10.2 Most web browsers have an option that allows you to turn off all cookies or have your computer inform you each time that a request to place a cookie is being made. If you turn cookies off (or refuse to accept a request to place a cookie), you may not have access to some features on Our websites and some of Our services, such as receiving messages or being automatically recognized as a project member. We also might not be able to remember your preferences, including in relation to marketing materials on Our websites, without using cookies. For more information on Our use of cookies, please read Our cookie policy, which can be found in the footer of Our websites.

  1. Data retention

11.1 We retain your personal data only for as long as necessary: (i) for the purposes set out in this privacy notice; (ii) to provide Our products and services to you; (iii) to comply with Our legal obligations (e.g., to comply with tax or accounting rules or in connection with legal proceedings); or (iv) to comply with Our usual business data retention policies.

  1. Acting on someone else’s behalf

12.1 If you give Us information about another person (or persons), such as another project member, We will understand this to mean that they have appointed and authorized you to act on their behalf. This includes providing consent (to the extent this is required) to:

(a) Us processing their personal data; and
(b) you are receiving any information protection notices on their behalf.

We may ask you to provide evidence that you have been appointed and authorized to act on behalf of the other person (or persons).

  1. Changes to this privacy notice

    16.1 This privacy notice may be updated from time to time for any reason. Updates to Our privacy notice will be posted to the Digital Platforms.

    16.2 In the event We are involved in a merger, acquisition, or sale of all or a portion of Our assets, you will be notified via email and/or in a prominent notice on Our Digital Platforms of any change in ownership or uses of this information, as well as any choices you may have regarding this information.

  2. Contact Us and complaints

17.1 If you require any other information about any part of this notice, you can contact our Data Protection Officer at BIMfx Inc. at the mailing addresses above or via email at

SECTION II: Heightened European Union requirements/ compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation

This section applies to you if:

(a) you use our Digital Platforms while in the EEA;
(b) your data controller is BIMfx Inc. dba: StratusVue (to determine your data controller, see section I.1 above);
(c) your personal data is processed on our digital platforms.

  1. Legal basis for Our use of your personal data and legitimate interests

1.1 Legal basis – We only process your personal data to the extent that at least one of the following applies:

(a) you have consented to the processing of your personal data for a specific purpose – We process your sensitive personal data and send you electronic direct marketing communications based on your consent for Us to do that;
(b) the processing is necessary for Us to perform Our contract with you (e.g., to provide construction project management software) or for use to take steps at your request before We enter into the contract;
(c) where We need to process your personal data to comply with a legal obligation that We are subject to;
(d) where We need to process your personal data to protect your vital interests (or somebody else’s), including where you are physically or legally incapable of giving consent, for example in case of a medical emergency;
(e) the processing is necessary for Us to establish, exercise or defend a legal claim; or
(f) the processing is necessary for the purposes of Our legitimate interests or a third party’s legitimate interests.

1.2 Legitimate interests - We rely on several legitimate interests for using and sharing your personal data, including:

(a) improving Our products and services;
(b) understanding how use Our Digital Platforms;
(c) marketing and promotional activities;
(d) identifying and pursuing new ways to develop and grow Our business,

  1. International data transfers

2.1 We are a global business and as such We may need to share your personal data with other members in the StratusVue Group for the purposes as outlined in this privacy notice.

This means that We may transfer your personal data outside of the United States (including to the EEA as this is where the servers that We use for Our business and on which your personal data is stored are located). Sometimes transferring your personal data outside the United States will be necessary for Us to perform Our contract with you (e.g., to provide your software). We use the European Commission’s standard data protection clauses (also known as Model Clauses) to provide safeguards for your personal data that is transferred outside the United States so you can rest assured that the StratusVue Group seeks to adhere to the strict standards of data security and usage.

  1. Your rights

3.1 You have the right to ask Us to:

(a) restrict Our processing of your personal data;
(b) object to Our processing of your personal data;
(c) request that We move your personal data to another organization;
(d) object specifically to Us using your personal data for profiling for direct marketing purposes; or
(e) provide a copy of your personal data in an easily accessible format.

3.2 You also have the right to make a complaint about how We process your personal data to your data protection supervisory authority.

3.3 Where you have specifically consented to Our use of your personal data, you have the right to withdraw that consent at any time. Please contact Us if you want to do this. See our website for contact details.


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